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Meet Eylem

I am an Award Winning International Property Lawyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Speaker. As a young child and woman, I decided to study law because the injustices in the world bothered me and I felt like I needed to take a role in this society where women often lack to be the best of what they could be. After working at European Commission in Europe, at KPMG in the south part of Cyprus and also in one of the leading law firms in the northern part of Cyprus, I decided to establish my own law firm and that is when I founded Eylem Şakir and Associates Law Firm.

Law Firm

Eylem Şakir and Associates Law Firm, with offices in Kyrenia and Iskele are operating with an international network of associates worldwide. Our service provides prompt, high quality, multilingual and tailor-made solutions to our clients in the most efficient way.

Our experienced legal team is specialized in property business with a detailed understanding of both national and international law.  I am a member of Bar Association in Cyprus and International Lawyers Association.


As an advocate in Cyprus, also known as the magical birthplace of Aphrodite, people find serenity and happiness.

Cyprus’ location makes it a very attractive place for investors and business people.  My huge credibility has led me to work with hundreds of companies, individuals who wanted to invest in Cyprus through buying property, establishing companies, investment funds and providing all kind of sophisticated individualized tax and investment opportunities.

After working many years with different investment clients, I started my own investment company called Privileged Investment and Asset Management Ltd. which is registered both in North and South Cyprus, where I can identify secure, highly profitable property investment opportunities, investment funds, family offices, all kind of sophisticated company and tax structures.

It is my mission to help clients to have peace of mind and feel that their assets are protected for generations to come. Privileged Investment Ltd. is member of several institutions worldwide such as Turkish-Deutsch Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Despite the division of north and south Cyprus, as a Northern Cypriot I generated clients, investors from all over the world and now I have six companies. One of my companies is also established in South, providing investment and asset management opportunities to my clients both in North and South Cyprus and at the moment I am establishing an investment and asset management company in London, UK as well.


“ My vision is to be a leader and a role model for women globally and to empower them to financial freedom and to work for gender equality for women to reach their potential. As much as you get liberated financially you have as much as opportunities to choose in life, and you can have the power to control your life. Same is applicable for countries, nations, families and individuals. I am a member of several Woman Associations and Institutions such as Beylerbeyi Inner Wheel and Global Woman Club.

Economic independence is about expanding the capacity of women to make genuine choices about their lives through full and equal participation in all spheres of life. It is about recognising women’s work, paid and unpaid, as valuable, both socially and economically. It is about having policies and systems that value and celebrate women’s contributions, and reflect the reality of women’s lives. I strongly believe we are all responsible and must work together to make change for a better future for our children.

Words of encouragement for women around the world…

“I want to encourage women to believe that they can have it all. You can have your career, family and time for yourself. Work hard, be focused and constantly improve yourself. As Women we should connect and support each other. You will only achieve greatness when you know your self-worth and don’t forget your values become your destiny. Always follow your own path to achieve independence. Be creative, give back and liberate yourself from mediocrity.

Don’t wait for the right time- it is always the right time!